Goodbye Hostway, Hello GoDaddy

After 12 years, I have just terminated my web hosting with HOSTWAY.  It is not that they screwed up, I am just consolidating all my hosting with GoDaddy – where my domain (along with 3 other domains) is already been hosted.  There have been so much improvements over time since GoDaddy’s inception and accessing all the domains I manage along with all the web hosting from a single interface just simplifies things.  I also will save at least $150 a year by switching over. The design and build to update my old MS FrontPage personal portfolio web site is coming …

Hello world!

After almost 5 years being static and not being updated, is finally getting a major overhaul, moving from the original Microsoft FrontPage era to the latest and the greatest apps. Blah, blah, blah…. This is just a test blog!