FX or DX?

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FX or DX?

How about both?  One feature I rarely used on the Nikon D700 and D800e but will from now on… is the ability to change the setting on the FX dslr(s) to DX.  This actually makes the dslr camera body perform like another body.  It works in a pinch and when necessary while avoiding bringing 2 bods.  The switch to DX increases the lens focal length range 1.5x (e.g. a 400mm lens in FX becomes a 600mm on DX).  It also increases the burst rate (from 4 to 5 frames per second on the D800/D800e… or 6 fps if using an added MB-D12 Battery Module with AA batteries).  The drop from 36 megapixel to 16 mp is not too shabby either (on a D800e) as long as you don’t do any post cropping.  It is this flexibility that compels me to recommend to those who ask me… a full frame dslr is the way to go!
[originally posted on my Facebook Wall on Feb. 12, 2014.]

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