Goodbye Hostway, Hello GoDaddy

6a00d8341d02e853ef0133f4321b2a970b-800wi_custom-10111530f476e046c570d1556ae05e992f74932b-s6-c30After 12 years, I have just terminated my web hosting with HOSTWAY.  It is not that they screwed up, I am just consolidating all my hosting with GoDaddy – where my domain (along with 3 other domains) is already been hosted.  There have been so much improvements over time since GoDaddy’s inception and accessing all the domains I manage along with all the web hosting from a single interface just simplifies things.  I also will save at least $150 a year by switching over.

The design and build to update my old MS FrontPage personal portfolio web site is coming along just fine. MA is doing much of the back end coding.  You can check out her design portfolio by clicking on “MA” on the lower right corner of my new website. If you needs web designing services, contact me as this is part of the atomicBee productions products & services that we offer.

We are looking at swinging over to its own URL ( by next week.  This website is an evergreen endeavor and will grow and with more added features over time.  One thing I learned from having a static website for 5 years is this: Building a website is one thing. Keeping it updated and fresh is a MUST!

Enjoy life and keep positivity because life is too short to be a negative whiner.





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